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Once the telephone bills have been checked, you will receive your security deposit refund or balance. This takes three months. Our telephone bills are presented every two months in Mexico hence the time delay.
If you have any items that were broken, we would appreciate it if you would let us know. It doesn´t cost much to replace things and we would like to have everything ready for the next renter.
Checkout time is 10.00 am.

Tipping is an important part of the income of the staff.
We request 100 USD per week per occupied bedroom, to be given to Antonio, our house manager at the end of your stay.
If you think the staff is wonderful, then of course you can tip more. The money will help them and their families and will be greatly appreciated.

If you want the staff to work after their regular hours to cook/serve dinner, grill or cocktail party, they should be paid them each $5 USD for hour for overtime services. On Sundays or celebration days (Christmas, etc.) it is $7 USD an hour per person.

If you need a house key, please ask Antonio for one.
Please return the key before your departure. If not, you will be charged $25 USD.

Guests can store any food or drink in the refrigerator.
Or Casa Chorro can buy all the things you want with a 20% commission.

Casa Chorro realizes that guest are rightly concerned with their health and safety. We take all necessary precautions to properly clean all your foods and vegetables. All your food is carefully inspected and UV sterilized water is used in our kitchen. The carafs in your bedroom and bathroom are filled with bottled water, and UV sterilized water runs from all the faucets.

Laundry is not included in rental charge (except towels). Surcharge depends on the quantity of laundry. Please try to conserve water by reporting any running toilets and leaks. Please be conservative with towel usage. Thank you!

Propane gas for heating the pool is free to 85ºF (over that is $50USD us/day)

San Miguel is in the same zone as the Central Zone in the U.S.A. One hour behind the Eastern Time Zone and Two hours behind the Pacific Time Zone.

Long distance calls: Free US calling. For other countries, please use your calling cards. Here are the numbers to access your calling cards:
AT&T 001 800 462-4240
MCI 001 800 674-7000
SPRINT 001 800 877-8000
BELL 001 800 123-0200

To call collect, dial 090 for the International Operator. They speak English.

To call San Miguel directly from U.S.A., dial 011 + 52 + 415 + seven digit local number

The following US cellular phone carriers should work in San Miguel:
T Mobile
If you have one of these phones but are not getting service, try calling your provider and have international calling switched on.


Chorro 39, Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México 37700
Email: info@casachorro.com